The Word The Student News Site of Archbishop Chapelle High School Thu, 06 Feb 2020 12:25:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Stayin’ Merry with Mr. Terry Tue, 28 Jan 2020 23:20:59 +0000 For several months now, Chapelle has been continuing its “Spotlight Teacher of the Month” award. Every month, students and parents recommend teachers whom they find amazing at what they do. Then, our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Susan Panzavecchia, collects all the votes and announces the winner! For December, our Western Civilization teacher Mr. Caleb Terry won this special award!

Junior Amber Corb interviewed our wonderful winner.

Q:  What made you want to become a teacher?

A:  “I don’t know what made me want to do it; I just know I wanted to be a teacher ever since fourth grade. I think it comes from a deep love for school and also just an obsession with knowing as much as I possibly can.  I just love sharing it with people. I started teaching and never wanted to stop, and I’ll be wanting to do it forever.”

Q:  Why did you decide to teach Western Civilization?

A:  “Mainly because history is the best and most functional subject you learn on a day-to-day basis. I originally majored in college in U.S. History, but I had to take a job teaching Western Civilization when I got my first teaching job.  Then I ended up falling in love with the subject, and it’s all I want to teach anymore. Also, it’s the most interesting of all the histories.” 

Q:  What’s your favorite part about teaching at Chapelle?

A:  “The students, for sure. I’ve never been in a place where kids can be as excited to be at school as they are here. Y’all love it whenever you get the opportunity to learn from a teacher who loves what he’s doing, and I love what I’m doing, so that’s what I love most.”

Q:  How long have you been teaching? (both at Chapelle and elsewhere)

A:  “Ten years. This will be my tenth year.”

Q:   What kind of student were you in school?

A:  “Horrible. I was very devious. I was not well-behaved, and I did not use my potential nearly as much as I should have. However, looking back on it, I feel like I’m making up for lost time because I’m trying to be the teacher I would’ve wanted — one who would inspire and push me, so it’s working out.”

Q:  What is your fondest Chapelle memory?

A:  “Well, I’ve only been here for like five minutes, but B period triumvirate basketball with Mr. Matherne and Mr. Wooderson.”

Q:  What do you like to do outside of school?

A:  “I love to read, and I love to garden. That’s my favorite hobby.”

Q:  Do you have any unique methods of teaching you like to employ in your classes?

A:  “I have a flipped classroom, which means my students receive most of their direct instruction at home. I also love active review, which I use a football for, and those are pretty much the big ones.”

Student Interviews

Q:  What makes Mr. Terry a great teacher?

Jaden Migliore: “Mr. Terry is very good at making the material interesting. He relates the different events in history to events in modern times. He also gets us involved in the lesson so you don’t have people falling asleep. Everyone is laughing and having fun. He also cares so much about his students and would do anything to help us.”

Laici Edrington: “He uses his “flipped classroom,” so we can actively learn the material both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Camryn Melancon: “He knows how to teach us in ways we’ll remember, and he knows how to make the class fun so that we want to learn. Also, he makes what we are learning interesting.” 

Q:  What is your favorite part of his class?

JM: “My favorite part is simply hearing his jokes; I never stop laughing–ever.”

LE: “Answering warm-up questions by catching his football and getting slightly off-topic when discussing a lesson.”

CM: “My favorite part is review days before tests when we play games.”

Q:  What is your favorite thing you’ve learned in class?

JM: “My favorite thing I’ve learned in class is about Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America.”

LE: “My favorite thing that I have learned in his class is about prosperity within the Renaissance period.”

CM: “My favorite thing he taught us was the lesson about space.”

Q:  What educational tools does Mr. Terry use in the classroom?

JM: “Mr. Terry uses so many different learning tools. He videos himself giving a lesson, and that’s our homework. This helps us because in class we review and learn more, so we really are understanding the material but getting things done at the same time. Mr. Terry also throws a football to you when you have a question or you’re answering a question.

LE:  “He uses Prezi to display his notes on the board and review games such as the “Mine Sweeper” game.”

CM: “He uses Prezi, the Smartboard, and a football.”

Q:  How would you describe Mr. Terry in three words?

JM:  “Mr. Terry is kindhearted, humorous, and passionate.”

LE:  “Supportive, intelligent, and boisterous.”

CM: “Nice, funny, and helpful.”

Congratulations, Mr. Terry! To nominate your favorite teacher for “Spotlight Teacher of the Month,” make sure to fill out a ballot outside Mrs. Panzavecchia’s office.


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Let’s Give a Hand to the Raider Band! Tue, 28 Jan 2020 03:43:57 +0000 Happy January, Chipmunks! It’s time for our club of the month… the Raider Band!

The Raider Band is a co-educational program in partnership with Archbishop Rummel High School. The band is made up of Chipmunks and Raiders in grades 8-12 who play a variety of instruments, from winds to strings to percussion. The band rehearses and performs all year round at football and basketball games, pep rallies, marching festivals, concerts, community fairs and galas, parades, and so much more. Most recently, the marching band earned superior and excellent ratings at the LMEA District VI festival, performed at the football state championship, and put on a stellar Christmas concert at Chapelle. They are led by directors Christian Bautista from Rummel, Dr. Nick “Doc” Compagno from Chapelle, and assistant directors Tim Primes and Nic Broussard. The band also prides itself on its strong student leadership, boasting one of the largest and most incredible teams of student officers on campus. 

To get a closer look at how the band program impacts the lives of its members, we interviewed this year’s band president, Lauren Pete.

Q: “Why did you decide to be in band?”

A: “I decided to join band because one of my dearest friends saw great potential in me and encouraged me to join. As an eighth-grader, I was enrolled in Beginning Band, a class a Chapelle student can take if she is interested in learning how to read music and play an instrument of her choice. As I entered my last quarter of Beginning Band, my mind began to fill with doubts. I was not sure if I would fit in with the rest of the Raider Band. Lauren Stevens, a member of Archbishop Chapelle High School’s class of 2018, really wanted me to join the club. She began to give me mini instrumental lessons and introduced me to many of her close friends from the band. I soon felt more confident in developing my musicianship, and, more importantly, I found a new second home!”

Q: “How do you feel knowing the band got chosen as club of the month?”

A: “I feel extremely proud knowing band got club of the month! Each of us has been working super hard since July, and many of our first-year members have made a considerable amount of progress in his or her performance skills! Moments like these make me feel blessed to be a part of such a talented band.”

Q: “How often does band meet?” 

A: “For marching and concert rehearsals, the band meets after school at Archbishop Rummel High School on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The rehearsals usually last from 3:30 in the afternoon to 5:30 in the afternoon. The band also meets during times outside of the usual rehearsal schedule for football games or competitions.”

Q: “What would you tell someone who’s considering joining band?” 

A: “To anyone who is considering joining the Raider Band, go for it! The idea might seem intimidating at first, but I can guarantee you that you will make lifelong friends, develop leadership skills, and broaden your musical interests. It is an amazing way to get involved at school!”

Stay tuned to announcements to hear about upcoming opportunities to see the Raider Band perform, and don’t forget to follow the band on Instagram @archsband for updates. Go, music Chips!

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The Spotlight Returns: Mr. Matherne! Mon, 27 Jan 2020 20:33:15 +0000 Recently, a tradition at Chapelle called Spotlight Teacher of the Month began. Every month, Mrs. Panzavecchia, our Assistant Principal, collects submissions from parents and students for a teacher they think is doing an amazing job. One of our most recent recipients was freshmen Theology teacher Mr. Matherne! 

Junior Amber Corb interviewed our amazing teacher!

Q:   What made you want to become a teacher?

A:  “For me, my teachers were so impactful to me; they changed my life. They helped me find my faith, and they encouraged me to be passionate about learning. When I was in college and doing something I liked but wasn’t really passionate about, I was thinking about a job and how I wanted my career to be fulfilling. I kept thinking back to how much I owed to my teachers, and I just couldn’t think of a more fulfilling job.”

Q:   Why did you decide to teach theology?

A:  “My teachers really sparked my interest in theology and encouraged me to find my faith and have my conversion. Since that time I’ve been passionate about learning about the faith and being able to teach it. Just being able to learn every day and give back to my students is a beautiful thing to have.”

Q:   What’s your favorite part about teaching at Chapelle?

A:  “It’s the students. Coming in every day and seeing their faces and being able to joke with them and talk with them . . . it really is a relational ministry…really to show them that we care for them and being able to talk to them and show that to them.”

Q:   How long have you been teaching?

A:  “This is my second year at Chapelle.”

Q:   What kind of student were you in school?

A:  “I was a quiet student who really focused on my academics. I would get to school super early and do all my homework. I was kind of quiet in class, but I worked hard and graduated from Jesuit with straight A’s and a 4.0.”

Q:  What is your fondest Chapelle memory?

A:  “That’s a tough one. Penny Wars. Getting dunked in penny wars. For two reasons – seeing the joy of my classes while I was getting dunked and seeing the classes work together. Everyone was having a good time and working together and laughing, so I think penny wars for sure.”

Q:   What do you like to do outside of school?

A:  “I like to read a lot, and I’m actually still in school. I’m working on my second masters right now. That really takes up a lot of my time, so I really like to read and study for school.”

Q:   What is the most important thing you want your students to learn from you?

A:  “That we care. I know that sounds super generic, but my students are gonna forget 90% of what we talk about in class, but they’ll remember when we joke and show them that we care. I want them to know we care  — even if a test is hard and difficult. We want the students to know we care, and we want them to be the best students they can be.”

Student Gabriella Ruffino interviewed two of Mr. Matherne’s previous students to hear what they love about their teacher: sophomores Isabel Adams and Madeline Vogt.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about Mr.Matherne?

IA: His guidance and how he is easy to talk to.

MV: He is a very good listener and is always giving us advice.

Q:  What is Mr.Matherne’s teaching style?

IA: Mr. Matherne is laid-back but makes sure you know the material if you need help.

MV: He gives good analogies and is a good visual teacher so you can understand.

Q:  What has Mr.Matherne taught you so far this year?

IA: The church and its value. Anything a young Chapelle student should know 

MV: No matter what you do, God still loves you. 

Q:  What are three words that describe Mr.Matherne?

IA: I would say caring, awesome, and funny.

MV: Definitely helpful, generous, and funny.

Q:  Why does Mr.Matherne deserve the Spotlight a Teacher award?

IA: He is a great person, takes care of his students, and gives great advice for outside and inside the classroom.

MV: He is a really good teacher and role model who cares about our lives.

The Chapelle family is happy to recognize Mr. Matherne with this award for his wonderful dedication and skill!

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Spotlight Teacher: Mrs. Savoie Thu, 07 Nov 2019 20:30:01 +0000 At Chapelle, a tradition named Spotlight Teacher recently began. Every month, our Assistant Principal (Mrs. Panzavecchia) collects nominations submitted by both parents and students for a teacher who they think does an outstanding job. This past month, our Eighth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Savoie won this award. Our students and parents recognized Mrs. Savoie for her amazing work. Eighth-grader Molly Jerrigan interviewed our beloved teacher!

Molly: What do you like most about teaching at Chapelle?

Mrs. Savoie: “It feels closer to home, especially because I came here as a student. It’s fun to see students go through things that I did when I was here, but it’s also exciting to see all the new things since I’ve taught here. It’s just really cool to see how the school continues to keep some traditions from when I was still here, but grow at the same time.”

M: Why did you choose this subject to teach?

S: “I’ve always loved the writing aspect of English, but I didn’t discover a love for reading until about after college. When I was in high school, I was often bored by the things I had to read. Once I started picking what I wanted to, I realized that I really do like to read. So as a teacher, I think I would like to find that one book for a student while she is still in high school. But, my favorite part of English has always been the writing. I love to write. I just try to encourage my students to enjoy what they do and be creative and inspire them to express themselves in their writings.”

M: Why did you choose this grade to teach?

S: “I love teaching eighth-graders because most of them are still enthusiastic about learning new things. They are so sweet because they always want to help me in some way with class, and they are willing to help each other if one of their friends needs it. Eighth-graders find joy with everything that’s happening in Chapelle. It makes me almost share my excitement and enthusiasm for Chapelle.”

M: If you could tell your students one thing, what would you tell them? (Life advice)

S: “I feel like the most important thing I would want students to know is that everyone has something she is really good at. I just hate seeing some people beat themselves up over something they may not be the best at or they’re not perfect at because no one’s perfect.” 

M: How did you react when it was announced that you got Spotlight Teacher?

S: “My eyes definitely filled with some tears. I was extremely excited, and humbled, and just genuinely happy.”

M: What made you decide you wanted to be a teacher?

S: “As a kid, I had aunts who were teachers, and I looked up to them. I’ve always loved school, and even when I wasn’t in school, I would be at home ‘playing school’. Sometimes I would visit my aunts’ classrooms, and I always saw how much their students loved them, and that was just something I really wanted to experience. The only thing that ever held me back was that I was shy, but once I actually started doing it, all the nerves went away.”

M: What type of student were you when you were still in school? 

S: “I was a straight-A student. I took all honors and AP classes. I think I was ranked about number twelve in my class out of about 200 students.”

M: What do you enjoy doing outside of school?

S: “Spending time with my family. Everything I do for fun is with my family, I love playing with my kids. We’ll all hang out and go places, just doing things that the kids enjoy.”

M: How long have you been teaching? 

S: “This is my fifteenth year teaching. And it has all been at Chapelle.” 

Students Gabriella Ruffino and McKenzie Jones interviewed some of Mrs. Savoie’s students to hear what they love about their teacher. Those interviewed were, Sarah Veitinger, Meghan Muller, Harlie Stevens, Jamie Bates, and Jocelyn Caceres.

 Gabriella and McKenzie: What are your favorite characteristics of Mrs. Savoie?

Sarah Veitenger: “She is really, fun, and energetic”

Meghan Muller: “She is nice, and she is funny”

Harlie Stevens: “She is loving and very motherly”

Jamie Bates: “She is sweet and always wants to help with any kind of problems someone has.”

Jocelyn Caceres: “Some of my favorite characteristics of Mrs. Savioe are her motherly love. She will take the time to talk to you even if it isn’t about school. She has a great way of building caring relationships with her students. She has an amazing teacher/ mother, she’s someone you can count on.”

Q: What has Mrs. Savoie taught you?

S: “English verbs, pronouns, about to start picking out a book”

M: “Subject-verb agreement and about clauses”

H: “How to find the perfect book for you.”

J0: “Academically, she has taught me how to become a better writer, and she has taught me how to comprehend what I am reading, whether it is a small passage or a novel. Personally, she has taught me how to manage my time and to become a better woman, overall.”

Q: How does Mrs. Savioe run/ manage the class?

S: “Group projects are very helpful and study groups and lots of stuff about our computers”

M: “We do Nearpods, quizzes and she lets us work in groups.”

H: “We pray and do Nearpods and IXL”

Ja: “She is very organized, and she reminds people about what needs to be done”

Jo: Well, she usually starts off the class with a bellringer (usually 5 minutes of IXL.) She would go over any homework that was assigned; after that, she continues with the lesson until the bell rings. She likes to put us in groups sometimes if we are working on projects. When it is time for review, she likes to work with the class to make sure everyone is on the same page” 

Q: What are three words to describe Mrs. Savioe?

S: “Caring, funny, and creative”

M: “Nice, funny, and caring”

H: “Sweet, fun, and caring”

Ja: “Loving, understanding, and overachieving.”  

Q: Why does Mrs. Savoie deserve the Spotlight Teacher Award?

S: “She always makes sure every student gets the help she needs…one-on-one teaching. I can connect to her like a mother way” 

M: “She is so funny and nice, and she teaches the class well and whenever you need help, she will help you”

H:  “She makes sure that you’re good with what you’re doing and will listen to you no matter what “

Ja:  “She is an amazing teacher”

Jo: “Where do I start? I think Mrs. Savioe is one of the best teachers at Archbishop Chapelle High School. She is an amazing woman and is always there for you. She will take time to make sure you understand what you are doing in class and if there is anything you need to talk about. I think she deserves the Spotlight Teacher Award because she is the most amazing person you will ever meet”

Thank you, Mrs. Savoie, for all you do for the Chipmunk family!

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Quizbowl Chips @ Xavier University Wed, 06 Nov 2019 01:33:25 +0000 Do you have a mind with a knack for memorizing trivial facts about history, science, books, arts, and more? If so, then Quizbowl is the club for you! Our Chapelle team recently competed in the Louisiana Quiz Bowl Association’s Fall Kickoff tournament at Xavier University in New Orleans. During the seven rounds, Chapelle’s A and B teams had their knowledge from biology to current politics thoroughly tested. 

Our A team consisted of Juniors Sevi Callia, Amber Corb, Hannah Hauck, and Senior Megan Meyer, while our B team was Junior Viviann Dang, 8th grader Abbigail Winingham, and Seniors Taylor Talbert and Amanda Darda. Each team was formed keeping in mind each student’s strengths in a subject. By having at least one person cover science, history, English, pop culture, and other categories, our teams managed to place in the top twenty out of thirty-two. Way to go, Quizbowl chips!

The way Quizbowl is set up is that there are twenty toss-up style questions where anyone on the two teams competing can buzz in to answer. If the buzzer gets the question right, his or her team gets three bonus questions about a completely different topic. Just to give you an idea of what questions are asked during a round, Junior and Quizbowl Vice-President Hannah Hauck said the most surprising moment for her was  “Definitely when I knew that Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War. When Mr. Wooderson asked me how I knew it, I told him, ‘I saw it on Bring It On: In It to Win It, and thought it would be a fun read.’” While the questions may be obscure, people considering the club should not be deterred. As Hannah went on to state, “Do it. Don’t be scared. It is all just random knowledge that you may or may not have come across in your life. Give it a try.”

When asked to comment on the tournament, Junior and President of Quizbowl Amber Corb stated, “Of course we had fun! My favorite part was the fact that we beat our school record for the number of games won!” She believes she and her teammates have improved since joining the club saying, “I think I’ve learned a lot more, but I’ve also just become more confident in my abilities.”

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A “Trip” to Japan Sun, 03 Nov 2019 21:21:09 +0000

On October 12th, our Chips Around Japan Club attended Japan Fest at NOMA. Here, the girls learned about and experience various forms of Japanese Culture. 

The day started off with the girls watching a drum demonstration before going to a Kimono showcase where the group learned how women got dressed in different kimonos for varying occasions. Around noon our Chapelle girls went to go eat Japanese food while listening to a band perform Japanese anime themes. They ended the day on a fashion show for the “Lolita” style of clothing and a Japanese temple demonstration. At the show, the models wore fashionable outfits which were inspired by Victorian-style and cute, modern clothes, and the demonstration allowed the girls to get a glance at a temple in Japan.

Many attendants at Japan Fest wore cosplays of their favorite characters from Japanese culture and our girls were no different. Juniors Carlee Lanson and Viviann Dang and Sophomore Isabella Jones all went as characters from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s film Howl’s Moving Castle. In addition, sophomore Paige Mayville dressed up as Ochaco Uraraka from the anime My Hero Academia. Many people loved their cosplays, even stopping to take pictures with them. 

Chips Around Japan is a C club and has its meetings in Mrs. Bachemin’s room. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Mrs. Bachemin or the club officers, Carlee Lanson, Isabella Jones, Viviann Dagng, Paris Carlos, and Sevi Callia.


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Music in Bloom Tue, 21 May 2019 15:49:54 +0000 Over the course of four long and eventful months, our music Chips worked tirelessly to put on a concert that they will never forget. On the 24th of April, the Chapelle choir groups and Raider Band ensembles put on a spectacular show that was open to everyone in the public. Each group performed songs that were both well-known and very beautiful, which ranged from “Mack the Knife” by the Jazz Band to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Chorale and everything in between. Every student involved in the concert took time out of their busy schedule to practice each piece of music and make sure that it was perfect before the actual concert. All those who attended the concert had a great experience being able to appreciate and support the girls and boys who took the effort to entertain others. Each group did wonderful in their individual sections and truly made all of their hard work worth it. It is highly recommended that, when the next concert comes around and time permits, you attend the next concert and be wowed by how amazing our music Chips are.

The groups who performed that night were the Intermediate Choir, Chorale, Showstoppers, Chorale soloists and small groups, Beginning Band, the Raider Concert Band, the Raider Indoor Percussion Ensemble, and the Raider Jazz Band.

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Letter from the Editor Fri, 17 May 2019 19:17:56 +0000 Hello, Chipmunk family!

I cannot believe that summer is practically here! This school year has been a big one for The Word; we brought back the student-run newspaper, bigger and better than ever before. It has been an amazing journey working with such talented writers, editors, and photographers. As our audience, I hope you have enjoyed our new e-newspaper and benefitted from our updated news technology.

As I reflect on this past year, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve as the Copy Editor for The Word. Writing and editing articles about the things you, the student body, accomplished was like seeing Chapelle through a new set of eyes. From Campus Ministry nights to Mock Trial tournaments and everything in between, it has been a great learning experience to read about all you guys do around here.

I am happy to announce that I will be serving as Editor in Chief on the newspaper staff next year. With eyes looking forward to the future, I hope to help The Word publish more articles more frequently. I want to make sure that everyone feels well represented on our website and that you are seeing the content you want to see. Chapelle, YOU are the reason the members of The Word do what we do; we want the world to know how brightly you shine. Never hesitate to come to me, Mrs. Taix, Mrs. Kelley, or another staff member with your questions, comments, or concerns about our news site.

Thank you for being such a fantastic school to write about and photograph. Have a safe and restful summer, and I look forward to writing about you in the fall!

Yours truly,

Carina Swonger, Editor in Chief of The Word


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Welcome to “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” Fri, 17 May 2019 19:16:44 +0000

Chapelle’s Thalians definitely had a lot on their plate this year: the group started their season with Shakespeare and wrapped up the school year with a musical! The last weekend of April, these girls donned their costumes to perform School House Rock Live! JR. Based on the classic songs of School House Rock, the musical followed a teacher named Tanya (senior Asha Altemus) as she prepared for her first day on the job. She was assisted in the daunting task by all the crazy ideas in her head, which were personified as eight different people.

The musical itself embraced the quirky and creative feeling of the original with its colorful costumes and numerous props. Sophomore Emily LaCour got in full character for “I’m Just a Bill” by dressing in a homemade bill costume, sophomore Kate Dantagnan was fully patriotic as Lady Liberty in “Great American Melting Pot,” and sophomore Hannah Hauck embodied the spirit of Elvis for “Circulation.” Other songs required more object driven props, such as when sophomore Amber Corb held a Barbie in a space suit as Janet in “Interplanet Janet.” Cast member freshman Katelyn Bussey stated her favorite part of the production was in a similar situation when she pretended to play a real saxophone in “Three is a Magic Number.” She said, “It was one of the first things any of my family or friends who saw the show brought up.”

The performers agree this year’s productions gave them valuable theatrical experience. Hannah Hauck comments, “I feel like we have hit both highs and lows because of performing Shakespeare and a musical. They are two extremely different things, and the feeling of performing each of them is indescribable… I have to say, being in a musical was so much easier than Shakespeare. A musical gave us opportunities to discover each other’s talents, and it taught us to be more confident in ourselves. I am so thankful that we were given the opportunities to perform such diverse acts this year.”

Also special shoutout to the crew (sophomores Carlee Lanson, Sevi Callia, Emma Bourgeois, and Claire Keller) as well as stage manager (senior Madison Smith). They handled all the backstage work, which really made the play a reality.

If you would like more information about Thalians, contact Ms. Butera, Mrs. Montemurro, or any of the Thalians officers (Hannah Hauck, Amber Corb, Emily LaCour, Morgan Espenan, and Sevi Callia). Way to go, Drama Chips!

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A Tribute to the Class of 2019 Fri, 17 May 2019 18:35:22 +0000 Congratulations, seniors!

You have accomplished so much as a class this year and throughout your time at Chapelle. You all are amazing athletes, musicians, artists, writers, actors, gamers, leaders, and so much more. You have set a wonderful example for all of us to follow in your footsteps. While we are excited to see you move on to a new chapter in your lives, you will be missed!

As they prepare to walk across the stage at graduation, here’s a quick look back on all the exciting things the seniors have done these last few weeks as Chipmunks.

Prom and Prom Fest

Countdown Spirit Days

Alumnae Inductions


So, seniors, as you go on your way, don’t forget a few key things:

  1. Chapelle will always be your home
  2. Deus (Always) Providebit
  3. No matter what, always shoot for the…


Thanks for everything! We will miss you. Good luck out there!

Love, Your Chipmunk Family

*For additional photos of events, please visit SmugMug or Chapelle’s social media pages*

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