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In March of 2017 on a routine doctor´s visit I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, essential hypertension and obesity. Not the results that I expected for a pain in my shoulder. Being newly diagnosed with diabetes, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain, asking myself, "What will my life be like now?" The second question I asked myself, "Is it possible to change the results without medication?"

My doctor´s first choice was glucose monitoring and medication but I wanted to do some research before going down the medication path. My research told me that monitoring was a good idea to establish a base line for both glucose and blood pressure. From my reading I determined that both can be changed via nutrition and exercise. Now it´s getting complicated, I could not find one single place to track all the necessary data, thus urNotes.

I need to know if the plan I put in place is working and I am achieving my goals. Keeping a log helps review and accesses the results. I have used myself as a gin pig over the past year to see if my symptoms can be reversed. If seems anymore everyone wants your data so why not use it yourself.

My wife Diana and I have run a small software company for the past thirty years so we decided to create urNotes.com to help us and you. The tour you are about to take is my profile, blood tests, and glucose monitoring results.

I started by lowering my sugar and sodium intake. I gave up drinks containing sugar and switched to unsweetened tea. Added more protein cut down the number of carbohydrates and eliminated foods containing corn syrup and added sugar. I set the program calculations to lose one pound every ten days. That's about two cans of pop per day. I didn´t gain the weight overnight so I didn´t expect to lose it overnight. In this case the turtle will beat the rabbit.

Photographs and blog entries are not visible on your tour. If you have any questions or positive comments please send them along. We hope are endeavor helps you as much as it is helping us.